Types/Uses Sand

Types of sand & uses.

Western Australia, in particular Bunbury is renown for being quite sandy, but we still need to add more to our landscapes from time to time.


  • Brickies Sand – is used for laying bricks, paving, compacting hard stands and staining children’s clothes!
  • Plasterers Sand – is for plastering, rendering, paving, lawn establishment, lawn levelling and staining children’s clothes!
  • White Sand – on the other hand is perfect for not staining kids clothes in sand pits, and is used to sweep into pavers to lock them together after laying, also used when laying bricks if a white mortar is required.
  • Lawn Mix – is excellent for stimulating tired lawns, spread to a maximum of 10mm, best results are achieved spring to late summer.
  • 3MM Cracker Dust – also known as Quarry Sand or crusher dust and is most popular at the moment as a base under synthetic turf. It also works a treat to impede ants from coming through your paving if used as your final screed when laying.