Synthetic grass has become the popular choice for landscaping, with smaller yards, trees yet to grow, and a ‘lock up and go’ lifestyle,

Choosing a synthetic grass product often comes with many questions about care, quality and durability. Find information about artificial turf maintenance, quality, warranty and benefits below.

Choose synthetic grass for your landscape

Our residential products are ideal for various applications in your garden. Consider artificial grass for:

  • Garden maintenance, when you don’t have time to weed, water and mow

  • Areas that are heavily shaded or exposed to harsh sun

  • Small backyards or garden areas

  • Safe, soft and prickle-free yards for young feet

  • An instant and lasting lush garden effect

  • A different alternative to paving

Does it look fake?

No, the industry uses advanced technology to create a realistic looking weave for your grass.

Can I see samples?

Visit Bunbury landscaping Supplies showroom to view the various types of synthetic grasses available. Samples are available for you to take away so you can see how the grass will look in your garden.

Is it made for WA conditions?

Our hard-wearing synthetic grass products are UV stabilised and made to withstand the harsh sun of WA summers. This makes our synthetic turf ideal for locations where grass is unable to grow due to lack of water, poor soil and high temperatures.

What is the life expectancy?

The life expectancy can vary depending on the product chosen and usage, life expectancy could be as much as 15 to 20 years.

What if it rains?

Water drainage is not an issue for synthetic turf. Our products are perforated with 100 drainage holes per square metre, allowing the same rate of drainage as natural grass. Rain is an excellent way to clean your artificial grass but it will wash away the infill white sands over time. For WA conditions, we recommend topping up the white sands to the right level every 2 to 3 years.

Will pet waste cause damage?

You can easily clean up after your pet. Pet waste will not decolour the turf and any staining which occurs can be spot cleaned and urine will go straight through, although we recommend a regular rinse. Household cleaning products can also be used to neutralise any odour as well as ensuring good drainage.

How do I clean it?

Although artificial turf maintenance is easier to carry out than normal grass, your lawn will need regular care. Rain will clean dust and other pollutants from your lawn. If rainfall is low, a water flush may be needed. When you purchase your product, Turf Direct will provide you with a care manual on how to perform your artificial turf maintenance.

Does it get hot?

Synthetic turf can be hotter than normal grass, but it cools quickly once shaded and will not retain or reflect heat the same as paving, which takes longer to cool in hot conditions.

Can I park my car on it?

Yes. Discuss with Turf Direct how you intend to use your turf and we can recommend the best installation to match your purposes.

What does the warranty cover?

The warranty covers any damage which may occur outside normal wear and tear.

Why artificial lawn would be great for your home

Our artificial turf products are soft to the touch, with a natural appearance of straight and curled yarn of different tones. We have various sports turf products that are also suitable options for residential applications.

Each product is UV resistant and lead-free so it is safe for kids. Artificial grass is a great playing surface for pets as well.

Furthermore – if you fancy yourself a golfer – our synthetic grass is a perfect for creating a home putting green to practice on. It is also appropriate for use as a professional tennis court in your backyard.