Types/Uses Stone

Types of stone & uses.

Bulk stone products have generally been used as building materials but have also become popular for garden beds as a more permanent option to using garden mulch.


  • Blue Metal is used as an aggregate in making concrete, drainage for soak wells and ag-drain lines and can also be used decoratively.
  • 3MM Cracker Dust – also known as Quarry Sand or crusher dust and is most popular at the moment as a base under synthetic turf. It also works a treat to impede ants from coming through your paving if used as your final screed when laying.
  • Scalps is used in path/roadways compacts hard, mixing concrete for fence posts, is a mixture of 14mm stone down to fine dust
  • Gravel Roadbase is a compactable gravel ideal for hard stands, verges, driveways and under bitumen,can be mixed with cement for footings.
  • Cracked Pea Gravel is a brownish colour pebble commonly used in garden landscapes with its contrast against green foliage.
  • 19mm Limestone is another compactable gravel for hard stands, it’s often required by local councils under driveway crossovers prior to paving; and can be mixed with cement to make liquid limestone or reconstituted limestone pavers or blocks.
  • Screened limestone is a budget savvy landscape product. Ideal for areas that you would love to use white decorative stones for coverage but “the budget” doesn’t.
  • Marble stone is an extremely popular landscaping stone. It’s multi colour mix makes it an easy blend for your other garden features, but also creates a great contrast against darker pavers, bricks, decking, concrete etcetera.
  • Crushed Brick is a mix of various coloured bricks crushed to roughly 20mm in size, used for garden beds ,pathways and between pavers as a feature usually red in colour
  • River Stone a beautiful round stone used in garden features, water feature and ground cover comes in a variety of sizes 150mm – 20mm also available in a crushed form, usually pinkish in colour