Soil Conditioner

What is a soil conditioner?

Soil conditioner is an organic material which is added to and dug into the soil, providing the principle benefits of:

      • improving soil fertility
      • improving soil structure
      • improving water-holding capacity
      • improving soil-buffer capacity and
      • plant pathogen suppression.

      How do I use soil conditioner?

      Apply the soil conditioner at a rate of 50mm to the existing garden soil and dig it in well.  Ensure that the coverage is even and that the soil conditioner is not heaped in places.  Water in well after application.

      You can also use it to mix with the garden soil you dig out of an area to plant your new plants by mixing it at a 50/50 ratio and then putting back in around the plants.  If you need advice on how to use a conditioner or a soil, give our friendly staff a call (08)9725 4148

      Soil Conditioner

      A rich, black compost.  Totally organic providing nutrients, trace elements and stimulating microbal activity.  Tremendous water retention properties.  Dig in well.  Composed of screened peat, composted organics and greenwaste.  Complies to Australian Standard 4454 for composts, mulches and soil conditioners.